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Don’t Be a Hair Transplant Victim

So, you’ve decided to get a hair transplant! That was the easy part. Now you have to consider many things, so you don’t end up a transplant victim.

First, schedule a consultation (many offices offer free consultations) and discuss your needs and expectations with the physician. Ask to see before and after photos of other clients, videos and testimonials. If a surgeon can’t show you any of this, walk away.

The physician will evaluate your age, degree of hair loss, expectations, health status and genetics to determine if you are a good candidate. Don't be confused by unrealistic promises, or by the glitz and glamour of too-good-to-be- true success stories. Remember, every case is different. Do your homework and research and educate yourself on the procedure and the pros and cons.

Choose a well-qualified doctor who has your best interest at heart. Do your research and interview a number of prospective physicians. Make sure he or she is board-certified and has been performing hair transplants for a minimum of five years. Look for consistency of results.


Avoid Assumptions: Interview your Surgeon - Narrow your search down to three prospects and meet with them in person to see if their skills and style meet your needs. You should develop a rapport with your doctor and possess the same general approach to care.


Choose a doctor who utilizes state-of-the art technology and techniques. The gold standard for hair transplantation is follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Avoid outdated procedures such as scalp reduction, scalp expanders, or hair flaps.

It is important to not expect instant gratification. A hair transplant’s results will not be complete until 1 year from your transplant date. During the course of the year, your hair will begin growing. However, some hairs will grow faster than others, some will fall out after the initial implant, but don’t worry they will grow back.


The physician needs to think about the future condition of your scalp and your balding prognosis and take this into account as he plans your remediation. He should want you to look as good five years from now as you will one year from now.

Make sure the surgeon you choose is wise enough and experienced enough to ensure you have enough donor hair to achieve the results you desire and ensure that he is leaving enough available for future surgeries, should you desire or need one in the future.


The best candidate is one with realistic expectations. If you are in the beginning stages of losing your hair, you may not be a good candidate as it is too early to foresee the progressive pattern of hair loss. Unlikely candidates include those that are too young with an unpredictable loss pattern, those with unrealistic expectations, and those without a good quality and quantity of donor hair.


The best way to avoid being a hair transplant victim lies in choosing the right surgeon who understands your hair loss and what you expect from a transplant. Their price will be reasonable and you should be only one or two patients of the day to endure the best care.

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Hair Transplant Video
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