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  • Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida
  • Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida
  • Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida
  • Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

Are you ready to get a hair surgery for your hair loss?

Get a hair transplant at the BEST price and the MOST HAIR in only ONE procedure! Deciding to have a hair implantation is a major life decision. If you are at the point where you are concerned about hair loss, then you are ready to take the next step. The question is what is the next step? There are several alternatives to hair restoration surgery. For one, you could do nothing at all. Secondly, you could use something to help maintain your existing hair such as medicines, herbal remedies and hair care products. Lastly, you could wear a wig or hair piece. Chances are if you’re reading this you’re looking for a permanent solution to your balding problems and wondering about hair replacement. Maybe it’s time to get a procedure. Click here, if you’re interested in hair implantation cost.

Dr. Brett Bolton's before and after photos are featured in the International Journal of Women's Dermatology

Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida
Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida
Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida


Dear potential or existing patient, please note that there are variances with everybody. Results are based on you. In most cases final results will not be seen until 12-18 months following the date of your procedure. For example, if you see an example of early results at 4 months here on our website that does not mean you will have the same outcome. Remember everybody is different, so results will vary from patient to patient. Although the majority of our patients only do one procedure, we always recommend two procedures in the same are for the optimal outcome. I look forward to meeting you in person.
- Dr. Brett Bolton

One Procedure
hair restored young man balding
hair transplant correction Hair Transplants


1 yr

One Procedure
hair transplant correction hair implants after
under 25 hair loss hair restored


7 mo

One Procedurenew patients
handsome man with hair bald top
hair transplant correction hair loss under 21


6 mo

One Procedure
Hair Transplants without hair
hair restored Hair implants before


8 mo


All these patients look fabulous. They are each at different stages of hair growth but everyone is already experiencing the life changing effects of just one MaxHarvest procedure. More hair in one procedure than anywhere else with no visible scar: YOU WON'T GET THIS ANYWHERE ELSE. That's the MaxHarvest method!

One Procedure
One Procedure Only under 25 hair loss
young man balding handsome man with hair


1 yr

One Procedure
plan to restore hair hair loss under 21
Hair Transplant in florida hair restored


5 mo

One Procedure
Hair Restoration under 25 hair loss
Hair Transplants plan to restore hair


1 yr

One Procedure
Corrective bald spot
Hair implants before One Procedure


1 yr

Difficult Cases !

Here at Great Hair Transplants the MaxHarvest™ Procedure is really showcased in our patients patients with the most extreme situations. Whether its a birth defect, an injury, bad scars or devistating results that need to be corrected from another clinic, patients can have hope for a lifechanging result.

One Procedure
young man balding bald spot
One Procedure Only Hair Surgery


1 yr

One Procedure
hair transplant correction young man with hair loss
hair transplant before after pic Hair Surgery


1 yr

One Procedure
Hair implants before handsome man with hair
balding restore hair


18 mo

One Procedure
young man balding Hair Surgery
hair surgery: young man balding


4 yr

FEATURED TIMELINE VIDEOS! From the Beginning through 1 year later!

Did you ever wonder how you'll look 10 days after hair implants surgery? How about 2 weeks or 3 months? Watch these videos that follow the patient before the surgery all the way to the 1 year mark! Our timeline videos set us apart because you get to see it all from beginning to end!

Timeline Videos

Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

Jeff's Timeline

Faqs Videos

Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

What Happens During a Hair Transplant?


Faqs Videos

Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

Hair Implantation Industry Exposed

Testimonial Videos

Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

Tale of Two Brothers

Faqs Videos

Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

Where Density Matters


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Are you concerned
about scarring?

Many potential patients are worried they will have a unnatural looking scar.

Click here if you are concerned about scarring

Are you thinking about getting an FUE/Neograft/Artas?

Potential patients are seeking what they believe is the newest and best procedure and are getting fooled.

Click her to learn about FUE/Neograft/Artas

Are you interested in moving 12000 hairs?

Are MaxHarvest™ Plus procedure is moving more hair then ever before.

Click here to find out about the MaxHarvest™ Plus procedure

Do you like to watch
our Videos?

Click to see our newest videos hot off the press. You can also visit Youtube and subscribe to our video channel.

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Would you like to see a sampling of killer hairlines?

Because of our unique MaxHarvest technique these patients enjoy the hairline they had many years ago.

Click Here for Killer Hairlines

Do you want to know the secret of a good Hair Transplant?

There is a reason why all our patients get more hair and better natural looking results in just 1 procedure. Click to find out why!

Why are we different?

Does It Make Sense To Travel For a Hair Transplant?
what about this

The Answer is Yes! If you Want the Very Best Results.

Get the MOST Hair in ONE hair implants procedure! Don’t allow distance to stop you from getting the best hair procedure available. We offer a great travel discount.

The MaxHarvest hair transplants technique is a simple outpatient procedure that can easily be done for patients everywhere. We currently have patients in all the designated states.

If you’re not a patient yet, please allow us to add you to our Great Hair Transplants family of satisfied patients!

Patients have also traveled from:

  • Alaska
  • Aruba
  • Bahamas
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Cayman Islands
  • China
  • Columbia
  • Curaco
  • Denmark
  • England
  • France
  • Greece
  • Guatemala
  • Hawaii
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Malta
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Sweden
  • Tobago Trinidad
  • Venezuela

ATTENTION MIAMI RESIDENTS! Ask about our Brickell Avenue location!

One Procedurenew patients
Hair Surgery hair implants after
Hair Transplant hair surgery: young man


6 mo

One Procedure
handsome man with hair under 25 hair loss
hair restored typical mail pattern baldness


1 yr

One Procedurenew patients
Hair Transplant in florida plan to restore hair
hair restored hair implants after


1 yr

One Procedure
Hair implants before restore hair
One Procedure Only typical mail pattern baldness


1 yr

Attention Military Personnel, Veterans, Fireman and Policeman

At Great Hair Transplants, we love those who work so diligently to keep us safe. If you are in the military or serve as a policeman or fireman, please inquire about our “Servicemen” discounts!

Great Hair Transplants Day to Day

Check in with Josh and find out what's going on in the office of Great Hair Transplants. See the latest photos and read the latest stories about GHT patients that travel from all over the country to get the most hair possible at a price that's worth the trip! VISIT THIS INFORMATION FILLED BLOG NOW!


We Are Now Seeing Patients on Brickell Ave In Miami

Do you live in Miami and you would like to meet with us closer to home? Call now and ask about our Brickell Avenue location!

What the Hair Transplants Industry Neglected to tell you!

Uncovering Questionable Motives: Potential Candidates May Be At a Disadvantage Because of the “Gold Standard” [read more about micrografts]

Hair Surgeon Tells His Story

Dr. Brett Bolton, creator of the MaxHarvest™ technique tells his story in an up close and personal narrative. Find out how he developed the techniques he uses today and why he is so passionate about his practice. [ read more about this hair surgeon ]

Get Double the Hair Density: Find Out About MaxHarvest™!

Uncovering Questionable Motives: Potential Candidates May Be At a Disadvantage Because of the “Gold Standard’ [how to beat thinning hair]

Dr. Bolton Compared to a Well Known South Florida Clinic

See what a recent patient had to say after getting 3 procedures at a well known hair implants national clinic and then 1 procedure with Dr. Bolton! [ read more ]

Dr. Brett Bolton Appears on Good Morning America

Good Morning America asked Dr. Brett Bolton to share his expertise as a hair transplant surgeon on a story about Back Street Boy A.J. McLean! Hair transplants are life changing especially Great Hair Transplants MaxHarvest procedure!

The MaxHarvest™ Advantage:

  • No Detectable Scar*!
  • Double the Density*!
  • Less Surgery Time!
  • Exclusive Patient Privilege
  • Unparalleled Natural Results!

Call now to find out how!


* All MaxHarvest™ Claims are backed up with hundreds of updated videos and photos available on our website.

MaxHarvest™ Hair Transplant is a specialized hair restoration surgery developed by Dr. Brett Bolton which incorporates a distinctive harvesting technique that safely extracts the maximum number of hairs possible based on the individual’s scalp elasticity and donor area condition. [read more]


Dr. Bolton is a Hair Surgeon

Dr. Brett Bolton is sought after by celebrities, grammy winners, Oscar winners, and politicians!

With an office in Fort Lauderdale we're just minutes away from South Florida's major hot spots. For those out-of-towners, I am the Miami hair restoration specialist you've been looking for. I have only been trained in hair surgery. It is all I do, and it is all that my staff does. I have been doing procedures for 13 years. I have performed thousands of surgeries and I have nothing but happy patients. I fully stand behind my work and I guarantee a successful outcome!

10 Great Reasons to Choose our Clinic

FUE* / Robotic Hair Transplants: Available at Great Hair Transplants!

Are you looking for FUE or the latest Robotic Hair Transplant? Please call our office to speak to one of our patient advisors about follicular unit extraction.

*find out if you’re a candidate today! Please note: Bolton Bundles and MaxHarvest are not available with FUE/Robotic procedur

Consultant Josh Engoren

Just wanted to update everybody and show where I started in 1999 and where I am now in 2016. I speak to a lot of people who don't realize I am a patient of Dr. Bolton. Not only has Dr. Bolton had the procedure but I have too. I think it is important to know that the people who are working with you, to restore your hair, have done this themselves. We know what it was like to lose hair and get it back.

The link above will give you my entire patient history

I believe our website is one of the most complete and transparent websites in hair restoration. We have over 300 videos, 400 testimonials and we show everything, leave out nothing. Hold any other practice to our standard. Can they demonstrate the consistency and quality of work for a lot of their patients? How many examples do they show? How is the quality of the video/photographs? I believe not too many places can demonstrate that they are getting the quality of results you see here. I welcome feedback from anyone and if you would like to email or call me please do.

For our potential overseas patients I invite you to instant message me.

Thank you.
Josh Engoren
Patient Advisor
954 649 5079

Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

The above video is of my healing/growth process after surgery with Dr. Brett Bolton