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Styling Tips to Cover Thin Hair

Styling thin hair for both men and women can be a problem. Men and women experiencing hair loss may have difficulty achieving the look and style they desire. Men and women with thin hair may lack volume and it may not cover the scalp, or may lie flat against their head. When this happens thinning or bald spots can be more apparent.

When you have thin hair it is most important is to have a good stylist who is familiar with your hair. A good cut lays the foundation for the rest of your style.. Ask your stylist to cut the hair in such a way to maximize volume. This might be done with layering, feathering or a graduated cut.

Thin hair does best with shorter cuts that can add fullness, as long thin hair can get stringy and lay flat against the head. One trick is to get a body wave to add volume and thickness and to camouflage and minimize the appearance of hair loss.

Here are some tips for both men and women hoping for that full head of hair:

Try Rogaine (Minoxidil) or Propecia to stop further hair loss. Both products have been shown to stop the progression of hair loss, and about half of the people who try it will regrow some of their hair.
You can also try changing the way you part your hair: Hair has a memory and just as experts say to change your shampoo, it's a good idea to change your part. If you always part it on the left side, try something new and part it on the right. Changing direction of the hairx can make it stand away from the scalp and look more voluminous.

Products with silicone will coat the hair shaft, giving the appearance of thickness. Choose styling products that don't weigh down the hair like waxes, gels and pomades. A better choice is a styling mouse or one that lifts the roots.

When brushing, take care not to pull the hair or to cause breakage. Nylon or boar bristles are better than plastic or metal ones, which may cause damage. Add color and/or high or low-lights. Color coats the hair shaft, adding additional thickness to each individual strand and highlights may add contrast and trick the eye, creating an illusion of depth and density. However, overdyeing or bleaching can damage hair over time.

Eat lots of fish, oysters, green leafy vegetables, flax seeds, carrots, eggs, beans and nuts, etc. These all contribute to healthy hair. Take vitamins and minerals, including: vitamins B (including biotin) C, D, and E; as well as calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, and fish oil containing essential fatty acids. Having good health is the first step to having good hair.

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