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Baldness Treating: Propecia Is Very Effective For Male Pattern Baldness

Treating baldness can be challenging and those suffering with male pattern baldness often have nothing less on their mind. There are several options for those men experiencing hair loss and the Propecia baldness treating medication is one appropriate choice. This pill is taken once a day and is FDA approved for the treatment of mild to moderate male pattern hair loss on the vertex (top of the head) and anterior mid-scalp area (middle front of the head). This baldness treating medication is only for men and cannot be taken by women or children.

How does Propecia baldness treating medication work?

Propecia works by reducing DHT which has been found to be a key cause in hair loss. DHT may shorten the growing phases of hair follicles which makes them shrink and less visible on the scalp. Baldness treating with Propecia helps to inhibit the formation of this DHT on the scalp, which in turn prevents shrinking of the hair follicles. The blocking of DHT interrupts the male pattern hair loss development in many patients. It can also help patients regrow visible hair.

When will I see results with Propecia?

Doctors recommend patients stay on Propecia for at least twelve months to see the best results. However, results will be typically noticeable at month three of use. Starting a Day 1 of Propecia use, DHT levels begin to decrease. At Month 3, patients begin to notice a slowing of hair loss. At Month 6, patients may start to see regrowth of hair. At Month 9, patients should be maintaining the hair they have and be growing back some they’ve lost. By the time Month 12 rolls around, patients should be able to tell if Propecia is working for them or if other treatment is needed. Studies show if you stop taking Propecia before the 12 month trial period, you will likely lose the hair you’ve gained during treatment.

When should Propecia be started?

Those with male pattern hair loss should begin Propecia as soon as possible. In the first year study by the manufacturer, 86% of the men on Propecia maintained their hair or increased the amount of hair. 

Does the Propecia baldness treating medication produce natural looking hair?

Yes. Natural hair growth is stimulated via Propecia, not just peach fuzz.

For more information on baldness treating products like Propecia or hair transplant options, Dr. Bolton’s staff would be happy to assist you.

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