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Norwood Scale
3a-3 Vertex

Norwood Scale Class 3a
Receding hair in the frontal temporal area and the initial stage of baldness in the crown area.

Norwood Scale Class 3 Vertex
More pronounced hair loss in the frontal temporal and crown area.

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Norwood Scale Class 3a-3 represents hair loss in the frontal hairline and vertex area. This classification also includes early hair loss in the crown area.

Please note: Every patient is different. Therefore, every surgical hair transplant will be different to match your needs! We encourage you to meet with Dr. Bolton for a free no obligation consultation to determine your current hair loss situation.


For those who are losing hair in the frontal hairline and the vertex area as well as the crown, a moderate hair transplant (3500 - 4300 hairs) is highly recommended. Restoring the frontal hairline helps to frame the face, and filling in the vertex helps to restore density and volume. This and can greatly improve your overall appearance while increasing your self confidence.


Propecia and Rogaine can be used to prevent future baldness. The laser comb is also effective for hair loss prevention.

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norwood scale chart