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What is the Length of a Hair Transplant Surgery?

A hair transplant procedure with Dr. Bolton takes typically 5-6 hours for his maximum size case.  This can be half the time of other doctors. 

For this simple out-patient procedure, Dr. Bolton uses a local anesthetic so you are awake for the entire surgery. During the process you can watch a movie, get up to use the rest room or have a snack. Thanks to the talented staff and the comfortable atmosphere, your surgery will be over before you know it.

Dr. Bolton's Policy: Only One Procedure a Day

Dr. Bolton's policy of One Procedure per day coupled with his experienced staff with over fifty years combined experience, keeps the time of surgery to a minimum to ensure patient comfort.

A Word About the Staff

Dr. Bolton has used the same staff for many years. These technicians work together as a team in the truest sense of the word with utmost efficiency which is a real advantage to Dr. Bolton's patients. Other hair transplant doctors often use lower paid staff and their turnover is frequent. This could result in longer surgery time, inefficiency, and more shots of anesthesia for the patients. Dr. Bolton's technicians will place your grafts quickly not leaving them to sit on the table as time ticks away, and your surgery will be fast and the results will be remarkable.

5 Big Hair Transplant Questions

Is their pain during or after surgery?

Will transplanted hair fall out eventually?

How long does the surgery take?

What is the healing time?

Will it look natural?

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Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

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Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

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