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Can a Hair Transplant Cause Hair Loss?

A hair transplant in general is a non-evasive procedure that usually only takes a few hours and it is most always performed in an outpatient setting.  The healing phase of the hair transplantation process is generally well received with minimal discomfort.  After hair transplantation most patients will only take pain relieving medicine the first post operative evening following the procedure.   The body is very resilient and most noticeable effects of the procedure are completely cleared up within two weeks from the day of the hair transplantation procedure. 

 What Will Happen to My Existing Hair?

One of the greatest concerns most patients have when seeking hair transplantation is the question about their existing hair. What is going to happen to it? Will they experience permanent hair loss from the hair transplantation procedure?  The answers to these questions vary from patient to patient.  Most patients will have some degree of minor hair loss due to the hair transplantation procedure. This is caused by the incisions that are created to implant hair follicles during the hair transplantation. This hair loss is usually not noticeable and most likely will not cause concern for the patient.

“Hair Shock”

The hair loss that can be most concerning for patients is “shock” hair loss.  The most commonly accepted reason for this type of hair loss following hair transplantation is that the body’s response to trauma from the procedure will put the good hairs (anagen phase) into its resting phase (telogenic phase).  Normally, good hair grows back but if the hair loss becomes permanent it is likely that they were dead hairs (catagen phase) which would have fallen out over time anyway due to genetic hair loss.

Conclusion: Most Hair Loss After Hair Transplantation is Minimal

In general, the chances of a patient experiencing excessive hair loss due to hair transplantation is minimal and should not be a cause for concern.  Keep in mind that most of the hair that is susceptible to shock hair loss is hair that is usually already on its way out genetically. If it is not replaced with a more permanent hair, the patient will be much worse off with their future hair loss! That’s why a hair transplant is the best option for those who wish to improve their overall appearance.   

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