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Is a Hair Transplant Permanent?

Does the Hair Fall Out?

Due to his expertise and knowledge, the  hairs transplanted by Dr. Bolton will be where he puts them for the rest of the patient’s life.  The hair that is not transplanted, of course, may fall out in coming years, but hair transplants if done correctly are permanent.

The reason for this is because the replacement hair will be taken from a thin strip of tissue in the back of the head better known as the 'safe zone'. This area of tissue has been genetically preprogrammed not to fall out. This horse shoe ring of hair contains follicles that remain for a lifetime. That is why you don't have to worry about your transplanted hair falling out!

Temporary Hair Loss

Afer the procedure, the patient may experience hair shock where some hair may fall out because of the surgery but should return after approximately 6 months.

Worried About A Scar?

Scarring might be a concern with other less experienced doctors, but with Dr. Bolton you are in the hands of a highly skilled, experienced surgeon. Dr. Bolton performs more hair transplants a year than 90% of the hair transplant surgeons around the world. See some of Dr. Bolton's work on video:

Watch Scar Videos Now

and see for yourself that Dr. Bolton's suture lines are virtually undetectable!

5 Big Hair Transplant Questions

Is their pain during or after surgery?

Will transplanted hair fall out eventually?

How long does the surgery take?

What is the healing time?

Will it look natural?

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Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

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Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

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