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How do I Choose the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

If surgery seems to be the answer for you, it is in your best interest to seek the best hair transplant surgeon possible. 

  1. Shop carefully, the same as you would if you were purchasing a new car or a house. 
    You would not buy the first house you see, would you? So do not make a decision to do hair transplant surgery with only meeting one hair transplant physician.  There are multiple philosophies about hair transplants (further explanation to follow), become educated about them and make an informed decision so you can choose the best hair transplant surgeon for you. 

  2. Do not shop price, because in many instances you will get what you pay for. 
    This holds true for any cosmetic surgical procedure, pick the best hair transplant surgeon not the best price!

  3. How much hair is really being moved during a hair transplant?
    The question that needs to be asked to any hair transplant physician you consult with regarding a hair transplant procedure is how much hair is going to be moved?  There are numerous amounts of sales techniques that are being used by hair transplant consultants and doctors.  The most common one is by the number of grafts.  This to me is very deceiving, because a graft could have only one hair in it, or it could have multiple hairs in it.  So if a consultant or doctor tells you he is going to give you 1000 grafts, what does that tell you?  The answer is nothing.  They could give you all one hair grafts.  What you want to know is how large is the size of the donor strip that is being harvested.  This tells you in much greater detail about the amount of hair being moved. 

    When I do my largest size case on someone, I move approximately 30-35 cm (11.81 inches by 13.78 inches) in length and approximately 1- 1.4 cm (.39 inches by .54 inches) in width.  This will vary from patient to patient based on their individual head circumference and elasticity of their scalp.  This amount could yield up to 8000 hairs based on your own unique characteristics.  If I can get more, I will; it just depends on the circumstances and you never know for certain until you do the hair transplant procedure.  This is the “truth in lending” of the hair transplant industry, how big is the strip (the area being harvested)?  Do not be deceived, ask the right questions and then you can make an informed decision so that you will insure that you have chosen the best hair transplant surgeon.

  4. Go to a Hair Replacements Specialist
    There are a number of physicians that are performing hair transplants, although, this may not be there specialty.  Would you go to a drugstore to purchase tools for your home, or would you go to a hardware store?  Yes, you may find some tools at the local drugstore, but are you going to get the best tools with the most knowledgeable staff informing you on the tools there?  The answer is obvious; you need to go to a specialist in the industry.  When you go to a hair transplant specialist, that is all that they do, they do not do anything else in that office.  This means that all of the staff only performs hair transplant surgery.  This is super important, because hair transplant surgery is performed by a team; and the final results are not only based on the performance of the physician, but on the whole surgical team.

We truly believe Dr. Bolton is the best hair transplant surgeon for your future hair transplant surgery.