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Hair Surgery for Adak, Alaska

Adak residents who are interested in hair implantation need to look no further.  Hair Surgery is something that can be achieved by traveling to sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Dr. Brett Bolton’s Hair Implantation clinic.  Just commute from Adak Airport which is about a mile from the center of town to receive the finest hair implantation that looks natural and is more affordable than that of other hair surgery clinics in the nation.   Due to Dr. Bolton’s unique MaxHarvest technique Adak residents can enjoy the absolute best in the hair implantation industry and get a great discount for out of town patients.  Call today for a free consultation.

Hair Restoration Surgery for Atka, Alaska

Atka residents should be excited to know that hair restoration surgery is available to them at a fantastic discount.  When traveling from out of town Dr. Brett Bolton offers travel incentives to Atka residents for a hair implant that cannot be compared in price or quality to other doctors in the United States.

Due to Dr. Bolton’s amazing MaxHarvest technique, Atka men and women will enjoy a hair restoration surgery that will get them the most hair for their money while looking completely soft and natural.  We invite Atka residents to call today for a free consultation.

Hair Transplant for Attu Station, Alaska

Attu Station is considered the westernmost point in the United States apart from Hawaii. Men and women suffering from hair loss who need a hair transplant should consider getting surgery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with Dr. Brett Bolton.  Hair Transplants are not common in Attu Station but our clinic wants to provide affordable surgery for those willing to travel for the procedure.
Hair transplants are a simple outpatient procedure so traveling is a viable option.  With Dr. Bolton’s unique MaxHarvest technique, our hair transplants are not only affordable but they are also extremely effective delivering the most hair possible for each patient.  Attu Station residents should call today for a free consultation.

Hair Implants for Nikolski, Alaska

Nikolski Air Station is the closest airport to those living in Nikolski, Alaska.  If you are a Nikolski resident and you need hair restoration, Dr. Brett Bolton is the right hair implants surgeon for you.  With our travel discount package Nikolski residents can fly from Alaska and get the very best hair implants surgery for half the cost of other clinics.  Because of Dr. Bolton’s max harvest technique, you’ll get more hair for less money.  This means that your hair restoration will be more effective in just one pass.  Call today to get a free consultation for hair implants.

Hair Surgery for St. George City, Alaska

For those located in St. George City, Alaska, hair surgery might be something that seems out of reach.  The truth is however, that with a single flight from St. George Airport to sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a St. George City resident can not only get a hair surgery but hair implantation in our clinic is superior to much of the competition throughout the United States.  St. George City men and women with thinning hair or a balding crown can now get the very best hair implantation surgery at a reasonable price. Call our office today for a free consultation.

Hair Restoration Surgery for St. Paul City, Alaska

As a St. Paul City resident have you considered hair restoration surgery but felt it was out of reach due to the fact that there aren’t any Hair Implant surgeons in your area?   Dr. Brett Bolton wants to solve your problem by suggesting a travel package discount for your hair restoration surgery.  Not only will St. Paul City men and women get great discounts for air travel, but we also have hotel affiliates that will give St. Paul City residents a wonderful break on room rates.  Call today for a free consultation to get hair implants at a great price.

Hair Transplant for Unalaska, Alaska

If you’re an Unalaska resident who is experiencing hair loss, you don’t have to rule out a hair transplant because of your location.  With access to the Tom Madsen Airport, you can fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a hair transplant. Hair transplants are available for all out of town patients at a great discount due to our traveling package.  Get the most natural looking dense hair transplant in the industry at the best price because of Dr. Bolton’s special MaxHarvest technique where the most hair is packed in for the best results.  Call our office today for a free consultation.


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