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Hair restoration surgical procedure now available to Chignik

Chignik is located in the Aleutian Islands. This area is referred to as the recording district. Chignik means “Big Wind”, and was established in the late 1800’s as a fishing and canning city. The first post office was established in 1901. Coal mining was the industry here from 1899 – 1915. Chignik became incorporated in 1983. There are two canneries that are more than 100 years old still in operation today.  In 2010, census shows there are 105 housing units and 41 were occupied. Running water is piped into all the homes and school in Chignik. There is a local hospital and the local rescue workers are all volunteers. The local hospital should provide a sterile environment for hair restoration surgery. A hair implant can be done using just some local anesthesia.

World renowned hair surgery company arrives in Chignik Lagoon

Chignik Lagoon has 103 people which make up 22 families. Median income per family household here is just under $100,000. The climate in this city is very mild when compared to the rest of Alaska. The temperature ranges from 39 – 64 degrees F. Hair surgery is an option to any resident of Chinik Lagoon with hair loss or a bald head. Hair implantation is the removal of good strong hair in the back of the head and placing it into surgical sites on the top of the head. Most men experience hair loss. Chinik Lagoon  is no different. Hair loss can be replaced by the right technology and the right surgeon. Dr Brett Bolton, Medical Director at has been helping people with hair loss for more than 18 years. He can help the people of Chignik Lagoon too!

Chignik Lake is now a regional location for innovative hair restoration procedure

Chignik Lake is a very small town of 32 households. Most of the people of Chignik Lake are employed in the fishing industry. Either they have a commercial fishing license or they are employed by one of the few fish processing plants. Dr Brett Bolton has announced his interest in different Alaskan cities. One of which is Chignik Lake. Dr Bolton sees great opportunity in providing the people of Chignik Lake with his world famous hair implants. The city of Chignik will be even more beautiful with its pristine sunsets and full heads of hair!

Hair Transplant surgery now available to people of Egegik City

Dr Brett Bolton, Medical director of has expanded his business to the great state of Alaska. Egegik City is in a perfect location for transportation and yearly climate. People with hair loss can now have options. Dr Bolton has been helping people from around the world. The fine people of Egegik will now have that same opportunity. Hair transplants have been around a long time. However, with Dr Bolton’s MaxHarvest procedure, people are getting more hair for less money. The company is expanding and it’s time to explore hidden markets. There are no better places in the world than a beautiful state like Alaska and the community of Egegik City. Now all Alaskans will have their chance to cover up those bald heads. Only this time it will not be with an animal skin!

Great Hair Transplants brings hair restoration procedure to Igiugig

Dr Brett Bolton, the famous Medical Director at, is now adding Igiugig, Alaska to his list of cities the company services. Dr Bolton, best known as Dr. Density, has been expanded his business for the last few years. The hair restoration procedure at Great Hair Transplants is giving people more hair for less money. The patients are happy. Dr Bolton focuses on results. Anyone in Igiugig with hair loss will now have an opportunity to replace their lost hair with this procedure. Dr Bolton has been a pioneer in the industry and will continue to provide a better service at a reasonable price. The fine city of Igiugig should consider discussing their hair loss concerns with a live counselor at The hair implants will work for most all candidates of genetic hair loss. The team at GHT is ready to answer all your questions and concerns.

Dr Brett Bolton offers his famous MaxHarvest hair surgery to the people of Iliamna

Iliamna has two main industries driving its economy, sport fishing and its lodges and commercial fishing. There was a hard push from the state to develop the city into a mining area. However, the people of Iliamna voted against it. Dr Brett Bolton is expanding his legendary MaxHarvest hair surgery technique to Iliamna. Hair implantation has been around for about 60 years in the US. In 1990, the procedure was refined to no longer be detectable. However, Dr Bolton has taken the procedure to the next level. He combines a ultra fine hairline with is totally undetectable backed up with his Bolton Bundle hair grafts. The Bolton Bundles give people the density they desire in just one procedure.

World renowned Hair Restoration Surgery now available to Ivanof Bay

Dr Brett Bolton, Medical Director at, is now offering his MaxHarvest hair restoration surgery to the residents of Ivanof bay. Ivanof Bay is a beautiful city in the Island area of Alaska. Ivanof Bay is known for its cool summers and warm winters. There is a lot of rain due to its marine location. Ivanof Bay also has many days each year of dense fog and cloud coverage. Great Hair and its hair restoration surgery will offer the people of Ivanof Bay an option for their hair loss. The hair implant procedure has been around for 60 years in the US, but not much help to the people of Alaska. The hair surgery takes 3 to 4 hours and the patient can go home the same day. After a few days of taking it easy, the patient will be out and about.

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