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5 Important need-to-know tips for choosing the right doctor!


Just ONE Procedure?!

Get satisfying natural results in a single procedure. Dr. Bolton uses a special technique to transplant the most hair possible. See hair transplant before and after pictures of our one procedure results and compare with other doctors who may do as many as 4 procedures to achieve the same outcome.


Get the MOST DENSITY Possible!

Be careful! Pricing at many hair clinics can be deceiving! Pricing is often based on how many grafts you will receive. THE TRUTH IS the number of hairs in a graft is determined by how the doctor chooses to separate the tissue! In other words, a graft might contain multiple hairs or just a single hair. What DENSITY are you getting? Is the Doctor giving you less hair density for more money? Will you need MORE procedures to get the look you want?


Less Money. Better Value. More Hair & Density.

Maximum results and patient satisfaction is what we care about. Dr. Bolton uses a more aggressive approach by moving the most hair possible at better value for you. You will definitively know how many hairs you are getting based on the length and width of the donor tissue removed. You will be thrilled with the natural results.


Artistic, Natural Results

During our surgeries we use a variation of graft sizes to assure naturalness and to maximize density. For example, often times grafts with a single hair will be strategically placed at the hairline for the best natural results while grafts containing larger clusters of hair are placed behind the hairline for more density. 

As you will notice in our before and after photos, there is a range of hair types, genders and races. 


Get a Doctor With Experience

Dr. Bolton has specialized in hair transplantation for over 18 years .

It's not a coincidence that Dr. Bolton's skills and talents are in constant demand by high profile celebrities, grammy and oscar winners, country music singers and ordinary every day people. He does more hair transplantations than the vast majority of physicians in the country and gives every patient his undivided attention by sticking to a-one-patient-a-day policy.

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Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

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Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

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