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Total Hair Transplant Videos: 294

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Hair Dressers Can NOT find any scars

Worried about a scar? With MaxHarvest there are no detectable scars. See what these patients have to say about their hair dressers!

Creation Date: 01-28-2014

Hair Transplant Reviews

See patients who are happy with their MaxHarvest hair transplant.

Creation Date: 01-23-2014

Patients Recommend Dr. Bolton

Happy patients recommend Dr. Bolton.

Creation Date: 12-16-2010

Hair Transplant Before After Photos

Examples of several MAXHARVEST hair transplants where patients are transformed in just one procedure.

Creation Date: 12-06-2012

Thank you Dr. Bolton

Listen to happy patients thank Dr. Bolton.

Creation Date: 06-13-2012

Patient Recommendations

See what these Patients say about Dr. Bolton.

Creation Date: 05-09-2012