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Turn Thinning Hair into Thick Hair

Dr. Bolton can give you MORE HAIR than other surgeons ... but how?

"If it looks completely natural, and boosts density by two to three times, why wouldn't I use ALL my options to give patients the best possible result?" — Dr. Brett Bolton

Do you want to turn your thinning hair into to thick hair? There is something unique about Dr. Bolton's hair transplant techniques that produces the following results:

1 You will get MORE hair in One Procedure than you would at other clinics
2 You will get MORE NATURAL RESULTS and better quality results
3 Your cost will be lower

Dr. Bolton uses a special hair transplant technique that he co-developed and refined in the late 90's and early 2000's. The technique is called Multi-Unit Hair Graftingand it is so unique that the industry standard for pricing, price by the graft, is not applicable with this method of hair transplantation.

Pricing by the hair graft simply does not work with a Dr. Bolton surgery - but why?

Grossly detectable hair plugs were the norm in the mid to late 90's and Dr. Bolton found himself correcting many of the old style surgeries. In doing so he had a unique opportunity to observe a wide variety of styles and blaze a new trail for himself. As a doctor who would not conform to standard conventional trends, he was not satisfied with the new follicular unit transplantation (FUT) ONLY. Doctors conforming to FUT exclusively use grafts that have 1 follicular unit or 1-4 hairs per graft. The use of FUT's made hair transplants look natural but in Dr. Bolton's opinion, the results were lacking in density. Old style pluggy grafts that had as many as 20 hairs were not an option either because of outdated harvesting techniques, size and unnaturalness. That's when he began to use a combination of grafts. Micrografts or '1 hair grafts', made the frontal hairline completely natural looking. Behind the hairline, a combination of standard follicular units and what he now calls "multiple follicular unit grafts" were the answer to thicker fuller hair transplants.

Click here to find out why follicular unit grafts only won't give you thicker hair.

Patients who receive thick natural-looking results don't seem to mind the unconventional graft size!

Instead of only 1 follicular unit, the multiple follicular unit graft contains 2-3 follicular units or 4-8 hairs - hence twice the density. Not harvested with old punch biopsy instruments, this new style slit graft is the very same thing as a follicular unit - just slightly larger. When placed behind the frontal hairline it doubles the density of standard transplantations and can be packed in tightly for a natural look because it doesn't rob neighboring grafts of the underlying blood supply. It also looks more natural because more hairs are moved as one naturally occurring pattern and not artificially repositioned one follicular unit at a time.

More Hair Means Less Surgeries and Lower Cost for Patients

Although not conventional, Dr. Bolton's pioneering techniques are hard to oppose because the results speak for themselves. Dr. Bolton's transplants are thick and natural-looking. Often times, it only takes One Procedure to yield satisfying results. Meet with Dr. Bolton for a free consultation and see hundreds of photos and videos testimonials. When potential patients arrive for a consultation often times they are able to meet patients returning for their 4 month or 1 year follow up. Potential patients can also request a patient list to speak to existing patients on the phone.

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Hair Transplant Video
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