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“If it looks completely natural, and boosts density by two to three times, why wouldn’t I use ALL my options to give patients the best possible result?”
— Dr. Brett Bolton

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Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

Hair Implantation Industry Exposed

Faqs Videos

Hair Transplant Video
 Hair Transplants Video in fort lauderdale , florida

How much does a hair transplant cost?

Just imagine.

For as low as $167 a month* you can Get MORE Hair Than Anywhere Else in Just ONE Procedure!

We Are Extremely Different. Our Techniques Cannot Be Rivaled Anywhere.

Dr. Brett Bolton has developed a combination of techniques that are completely unique resulting in the MOST hair possible and better more natural looking results in just one procedure. The best part is, this technique results in less cost to our patients. These are the 3 components of the Great Hair Transplants secret:

1. MaxHarvest™ Procedure

A harvesting technique that yields 6,000 to 8,000 hairs in a single procedure which is more hair in one surgery than the industry average which can be as low as 2,500 hairs. For those who need maximum results this procedure dwarfs the results of FUE.
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2.Bolton Bundle™

A specially developed graft size that contains 2 to 4 times more hair than the industry average and is healthier and more natural looking. This results in less surgeries for the patient.
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3.The Bolton Edge™

A suturing technique that results in a suture line that is nearly undetectable.
['try' to see our scars]
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*our procedures start at $6000.

MORE hair, LESS procedures,
LESS money, most NATURAL results

What Doctors Don’t Want You To Know

Doctors everywhere adhere to traditional hair restoration techniques because it ultimately means more surgeries and more money in their pockets. Unfortunately for unsuspecting patients, many doctors are now excited to offer the trendy new overpriced FUE procedure ONLY which delivers even less hair than ever and means double or triple the amount of surgery time. As you'll discover here at Great Hair Transplants, FUE has it's advantages but it is NOT a complete solution for the typical patient (for those concerned about scars click here)! For the past 16 years, at Great Hair Transplants we have improved upon the traditional techniques to develop something so radically different it cannot be rivaled anywhere across the country and around the world. Density is unmatched especially when compared with FUE, naturalness is superior and scarring is virtually undetectable.

We're So Different We Can't Charge By the Graft

That's Right. While other doctors are transplanting grafts one hair at a time, we are loading up patients with a special mixture of one hair grafts in the frontal hairline, two and three hair grafts just behind the hairline and our special 4-8 hair slit grafts we call Bolton Bundles™ in the vertex and crown for density that will make your head spin! Look at our before and after photos to see these amazing results and browse through our site to see videos that demonstrate why we are so different.

One Procedures
plan to restore hair under 25 hair loss
hair transplant before after pic balding


1 yr

This extreme example demonstrates how MaxHarvest™ gives you more in a single procedure than you’ll get anywhere. Click the arrow to see his video testimonial.

Examples of Single Surgery Results

One Procedures
Hair Transplants Corrective
Hair Transplant in florida Hair implants before


1 yr

One Proceduresnew patients
young man balding hair surgery: young man
hair thinning One Procedure Only


6 mo

One Procedures
under 25 hair loss hair transplant botched job
plan to restore hair Hair Surgery


7 mo

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