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Cosmetic Surgery For Men is a Hair Transplant

Many people think cosmetic surgery as something women take part in, from breast implants to liposuction, however, hair transplants are the number one cosmetic for men.
While most men are not concerned with cut and color as much as quantity, there is a certain percentage of men who eat, live and breathe hair restoration the way other men focus on baseball stats. Whether they examine their scalp in the mirror once a day or 10 times a day, many men are fanatical when it comes to their hairline.

The hair loss industry in this country is a $1 billion market and men spend big bucks on lotions, potions, magical elixirs, wigs, toupees, weaves, and anything else they think will restore their hair. Many opt for surgical intervention in the form of a hair transplant.

Some people think emotional stress has been shown to accelerate baldness in genetically susceptible individuals, but more frequently it's the opposite: stress can be caused by baldness!
Also, another misnomer is that sexual activity or lack thereof, has no correlation to baldness, although the idea most likely comes from athletes 'back in the day' who abstained from sexual relations before an event, in order to maintain their strength. It's been said that Muhammad Ali wouldn't make love for six weeks before a fight.

Unfortunately, if you're bald, there is no evidence that you have any more testosterone than those with hair. Bald men have hair follicles that are sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) a derivative of testosterone that is present even as a man ages and his testosterone levels drop. This is what causes male pattern baldness.

If you think tight hats or helmets cause hair loss think again. If true, mostly likely Jose Conseco would look like Mariano Rivera. While this is a myth, hats can cause hair breakage, and if not washed often can possibly cause an infection that could lead to hair loss. So, make sure to wash your hats and don't wear them for long periods of time.

And although most people focus on old men and hair loss, nothing can be further from the truth. Many men experience significant hair loss in their early 20s, or even before. They may not be completely bald, but, as balding is a progressive condition, without prophylactic measures, baldness will certainly be in your future.

Men definitely want to keep their hair or prevent future hair loss, however, if they do suffer from hair loss the good news is that a hair transplant can give a man back his hair and his confidence!

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