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Don’t Worry Bad Hair Transplants Can Be Corrected

There are bad hair days and bad hair years. If you've had a bad hair transplant or a bad experience with hair transplantation, you can be having a bad hair day for life.

The good news is Spencer Kobren, Founder of the American Hair Loss Society says, "With today's state of the art techniques, even the worst repair patients can be helped. Depending on your available donor area, much can be done to help you achieve a completely natural looking hairline that you will no longer have to hide."

If you had a procedure done a couple of decades ago or when disco was popular, you might have fallen prey to the “revolutionary hair plugs” which turned out to be a not so great idea and gave the appearance of a doll's head, where the hair is neatly spaced in rows. These transplants were obvious and unsightly. To an onlooker they were a travesty to look at and one felt sorry for the man with this “corn row” look.

If you have results that are less than satisfactory, not aesthetically pleasing, or uneven, don’t worry help is available. Some side effects from bad surgeries include visible plugs or a large, noticeable scar or hair that is facing in the wrong direction.

Today, however, poor results can be partially or completely remedied by removing, dissecting and re-implanting the grafts. Many hair restoration surgeons recommend both graft excision and re-implantation in order to maximize density and achieve more consistent results.

Large, unattractive scars can be excised and revised with a trichophytic closure. This technique buries the follicles in the incision line, so hair grows through the scar. Another way to camouflage the scar line is to implant follicular unit grafts into the scar directly, so the new hair growth obscures the scar.
One of the most important factors in creating a natural-looking head of hair is the hairline. Your hairline frames your face and creates an instant impression.

The procedure known as follicular unit transplantation, FUT, is not only more aesthetically pleasing than the older plugs, but is able to more closely mimic the natural hair growth pattern. By using this procedure with single or double hair grafts, the physician can outline the front hairline and gradually thicken it with a technique called "feathering." The thinnest hairs are placed in the front. Thicker grafts are interspersed with micro-grafts, angled at the proper degree, creating a soft and realistic outcome.

So, with today's knowledge and expertise, the right doctor and sufficient donor hair, it is certainly possible to turn a bad hair day into a permanently good hair day.

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